Do Your Best. Gena Says.

Mar 2019

Life is a gift, the opportunity to experience the different elements, to involve ourselves in the varied aspects that present themselves before us daily. Some folk are exceedingly clever, and then the rest of us have just normal intelligence. Does that matter? Of course not because we need diverse energies within life. As it has been stated, if everyone was a scientist who would make the bread for them to eat? The most important attribute for everyone is to do the very best, and then the energy of life will be happy with the effort. If the road sweeper swept the road well, then we would all be happy, if the gardener tended his plants with joy, again we would all be happy. It is never being the winner, it is always, just doing the very best that you can. Nothing more is asked of anyone, or should not be asked at all other than, do your very best then you can be proud of yourself.