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I have been exploring the meaning of life for over thirty years and I now choose to share this knowledge with everyone, and that is you. I believe life is precious, exciting and that we need to step boldly into who we are, where we are and create the magical experience of living your dream..

Gena was born and educated in England. Spent a great deal of her early life in the theatrical world, having attended a Stage School in London. A serious accident took her out of dancing, but she then found her way into ice-skating, which enabled her to travel the world at a very early and impressionable age. This is why she states, she was born in England, influenced by her travels around the world, and is now Australian by choice.

Gena has lived on different continents, firstly England, then France, she then went to live in South America for a few years, traveled on to the U.S.A and eventually moved to Australia where she is now to be found. She has been fluent in both Spanish and French but needs some practice in both those languages now due to lack of opportunity to use them.

Gena trained in the healing arts and has been affiliated with many different Healing Establishments The National Federation of Spiritual Healing, the National Federation of Healing and The White Eagle Lodge. Gena trained as a Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Shiatsu Teacher, and Reiki Master. All these qualifications were put to use during her life in England. Now at her new home in Brisbane, Australia she is involved in the metaphysical life, being a working Clairvoyant and Teacher of Awareness.

She is involved in channeling and is the recipient of the Golden Light, which come through her from a group of energy called The Symeons. This channeling is like a form of activated mediation and has been part of the life of Gena for nearly 20 years. A Golden Light of wisdom, laughter and guidance.

Gena believes that the body is a remarkable machine that needs to be taken care of. She decided to become a Zumba Instructor and is associated with Kellie Morgan of  and leads routines within different Zumba classes.

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Husband David uses vast knowledge of metaphysical experience to help those that he comes in contact with. Has worked in Healing and Counselling when residing in England. Now embracing a new avenue in his life through art.

Gena has studied many different religious beliefs, philosophical teachings and has now brought all that she has learnt into her way of being, and chooses now to share all that she has gained. An accumulation of wisdom tried and tested and now shared with the many who find themselves searching for answers.

Gena is available for clairvoyant readings and advice.

They have family in both the UK and America and enjoy the opportunities to vist and play happy families!!

Living in Australia is as a blessing for both Gena and David and something that they recognise each day. All their family may reside overseas but with the electronic availability of communication tools, family and friends are only one click away. They both feel blessed living in Brisbane and enjoying the paradise that they believe it to be.

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Dax is the first dog that has entered my life. He brings so much wisdom and unconditional love, he has taught me to live in the moment.