Mending Fences. Gena says.

It is always a good thing to mend fences because you do not want things to continue to go wrong. It doesn’t take much to mend a fence, just the desire to do so. Arguments that have taken place can be straightened out and relationships made firm again. Just as you would on a farm, you would take notice where something has collapsed or perhaps been destroyed by the passage of time. You would take time to correct the problem and then know that things were strong and healthy again. Friendships and all relationships can be repaired all it takes is the intention.

Take In The View. Gena Says.

It is important to take in the view occasionally to see what is happening around you, as much as what could be far off in the distance. Far too many people wander through their days with their heads held low, or perhaps their minds not focusing upon what is in front of them. Take a moment to stand still and look at what is before you, enjoy the living of your life, and also enjoy involving yourself in this life. Who knows what you might see, but the truth is you might be seeing your day better for the first time in a long time.

The Art Of Living. Gena Says.

The art of living is rather like the action of painting. You dip into what is offered and see if you can make a master piece of your creation. Life brings so much to us each day, different hues of colour that are called experience, we touch these and we either grow, or perhaps make a big mistake. Yet, mistakes are actually wisdom in disguise! So, arm yourself, within your mind, will a full palette of different colours, mix at will and see what you can create.

Time To Remember. Gena Says.

It is time to remember that we all have an important place in this journey called life. We are like a piece from a jigsaw puzzle, we might be small but we complete the picture. Celebrity status could not belong to us, or being so famous that we cannot walk down the street without being accosted, yet we are just as important as the next person. If you could take one moment to consider what life would be like without you, the hole that you would leave in the lives of others would be huge and touch so many. So, it is time to remember that you do count, that you do fit brilliantly in the puzzle of life and make the whole of life hole!

Skip-Jump-Run. Gena Says.

Skip into your day, jump into whatever new experiences pop up before you and then run with the day. Life is a living entity in its self, so look at what comes before you and take on the challenge. Of course, there will be what others call difficulties within your day or your week, but you should look at them as opportunities for growth. Does not the acorn have to struggle to break the earth to become an oak tree? We should bring enthusiasm into our days and skip through the aspects that appear to hinder us, which they really do not. If we could jump at the chance to learn something new, then we would run with the new story and who knows where it could end.

Early Morning. Gena Says.

Early morning is the time to collect your thoughts and create your day. As your world awakens from its night-time slumber, spare a moment to think carefully what you wish to contribute to the new day. All it takes is just a few minutes to silence your mind, to clear the jumble of thoughts and then to see that ahead of you are many possibilities. Possibilities of kindness, of understanding and even forgiveness. These thoughts can come to you freely, if for but a moment you concentrate on your day, your thoughts and then of course your actions.

The Same Page. Gena Says.

We all live on the same page of life, the day that we share, everyday that we share. Of course, there are different things for everyone to complete or experience. Yet, we all live on the same planet even if our circumstances are so varied. If we could see ourselves as a collective, then perhaps we would consider our actions knowing that we walk the same roads at times and share the same sun light. Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend this, but the oceans belong to the planet, the forests also, we need to look beyond greed and look to what we can do to help and nurture this beautiful planet called earth. In truth we share the same page, the same story as we, as humans, trot through life, what we all do has an effect upon all of humanity eventually.

Cooking. Gena Says.

Cooking can be a great experience, as we endeavour to transform different foods to become something delicious. Taking so many varied ingredients and with care creating a remarkable meal to share with others if you choose. As with being the Chef in your own kitchen you are also the Chef of your own journey through life. You are handed different experiences, like ingredients, and it is up to you what you make of your every day. Become inspired, put on your Chef’s hat and create a masterpiece that everyone can enjoy.

It’s All Happening. Gena Says.

It is all happening around us, just like a firework display, new life, new adventures exploding before us. Some events are for us either to enjoy and also experience, whilst others have nothing to do with us at all. Life happens, because it must otherwise there would be no life. So, engage in life, deal with the difficulties, enjoy the pleasant experience and contribute to the movement of every day, because, it is all happening.

An Open Mind. Gena Says.

We really do need to keep an open mind concerning what is happening around us. We might have the tendency to judge others, but then we do not know what they are going through. We need to not become restricted by out of date expectations or even opinions as the world is changing every moment and what was acceptable before is now no longer relevant. If we could just keep an open mind, we might just then see the beauty of life unfolding and not be held back by our old fashioned thoughts and beliefs.

Changing Places. Gena Says.

How often in our lives have we wished that we had a different life and we would love to, change places with someone? Yet, we do no know actually what they are going through. We could think that their lives look amazing, so much better than our own, however, this is too often not the reality. So, before you wish to change places with another, take a moment to look and see what you have that is involved in your everyday. You might find that you have taken for granted so much, that you do not realise how blessed you are. It is quite possible that someone or even many would wish to change places with you.

By Invitation Only. Gena Says.

Life is all about what you invite into your world, what you willingly accept and allow in. Obviously, there are times when things pop up and not what you have chosen. These things can be, if you choose, just passing on through. You might have to deal with difficulties, you just might have to resolve a problem, but then you let them go. The things that you wish for in your day, in your life, should always be, by invitation only. These are the elements that bring you happiness, friendships, family events and just the joy of doing what brings you pleasure. So, activate the, by invitation only, and it is then that each day will be wonderful.

The Perfect Day. Gena Says.

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The perfect day is, today. Today is full of the promise of tomorrow but also filled with the experience gained from all the yesterdays. If we could all step into the new day with open expectation of what could be, then each and every day would be filled with such vast opportunity. So, take your time, welcome the day with an open mind and also heart.

Spilt Milk. Gena Says.

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Do not cry over spilt milk, accidents happen as well as silly mistakes. We need to learn to take a lot in our stride as we walk along the path of life. If an accident comes about because of our lack of attention, first clear up the mess then concentrate on moving forward. There is no point in moaning and fussing about something that has gone wrong. Just find a way around the hiccup and move on with a smile.

On With The Show. Gena Says.

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We have often heard the statement that life is like a play unfolding. There is much that we have to learn to discover our strengths, to show the world what we are made of. Some days events knock us sideways yet, the show must always go on. Step onto the stage of life, embrace the unfolding story and show those around you your very best, then you will be a success.

Running Out Of Time.

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If you feel that you are running out of time, put a sprint on! We are always more capable than we believe ourselves to be. Time is fluid so flow with it, we often register that good times pass quickly, and tough moments seem to slow down. Actually, the truth is we rarely run out of time, we usually run out of focus.

Deal Making. Gena Says.

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Do not make the silly hiccups in life to be such a big deal. Events hurtle into our days quite unexpected, all we have to do is take a moment and decide how to sort the problem out. Make time to look at what can be done, deal with all issues even though they might appear to be huge. There is always an opportunity to make headway, dealing with the all difficulties is part of the action of dealing with life.

The Finishing Line. Gena Says.

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There is always a finishing line, the focal point in a destination that will ultimately come into view. At times you might not believe that you will make it, but with greater focus and applied determination you will get there. Hold your head up high, look beyond perceived limitations, and then for certain you will pass the finishing line.

Have You Ever Thought? Gena Says.

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Have you ever thought that you actually are all your thoughts? Have you ever considered that how you react to the events around you create your day? As life works through your earthly journey you are given the opportunity to be happy or miserable, purely because of how you see things, how you think about what is happening. What a marvelous realisation this is, because it means that if we all can choose how we react then we can turn a difficult experience into learning curve. Now isn’t that a wonderful thought?

Still Standing. Gena Says.

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No matter what events come our way, if we have resolve and believe in ourselves, we can remain still standing. Yes, there are times when we are knocked down, we feel that we have little strength to rise above the circumstances yet, if we try hard, we can rise again. It might seem difficult but all the time that we have the breath within us then we can overcome all difficulties, if we choose. If we could take a moment in the stillness, we could stand and tackle what is ahead because when we are standing, we can still see a glimpse of the future.