Conceal -Reveal. Gena Says.

Apr 2018



Far too often we conceal our true feelings due to so many different factors, perhaps we are apprehensive of what we will reveal to the world; we are not sure of the reaction we will produce or we just cannot, at that moment, think clearly of what we should do and how we should act. Concealing our feelings can be good if it means it gives us time to consider and to then reply or act upon, however, if it is because of fear of retribution then there lies a bigger problem. How can one person or even the world really know who we are, what we think and what is good for us if we do not speak the truth and inform those nearby what we really believe. How can we be treated honestly if we are not honest about how we feel? Try not to conceal what you believe but always remember to reveal your true thoughts with kindness and consideration.