How Are You? Gena Says.

Sep 2018

How are you is phrase that is used constantly but more often than not just a phrase and not a true inquiry. Have you actually thought of how you really are? Not just your health but your thoughts and desires, your fears as much as your hopes. Are you really doing what you wish to do, or are you completing what others think you should be doing? How are you living your life, are you living the life that is wished for by those who surround you? How are you dealing with each day, do you fear the beginning of it because you are not happy or have you boldly stepped forward to live your dream whatever that maybe? How are you, is not about your health but about how you are becoming the desires that you hope for to live the life that you envisage for yourself. How you are, depends on how you see your life unfold and what you contribute to make this happen.