I Am Leaving. Gena Says.

Oct 2018

I am leaving behind all the unnecessary baggage that I have collected that I do not need in my life. The element of expectation, that little one definitely can lead to ruination. Anger, now this can make me ‘see red’ I prefer to see life as peaceful and not react to the actions of other people. Worry, oh dear what a problem that one is because it creeps in without one knowing it is doing so and we find it ‘sitting at our table’. Fear, well that means lots of things because we fear so much, what might happen, what could happen as much as why something did not happen. Negativity, we must negate that one as all that does is strip us of our smile and creates wrinkles. I choose to leave all this behind and take with me on my journey, gratitude for this life and seeing that each day brings me pleasure that I have forgotten to focus on. Goodbye troubles, hello happiness let us leave the others behind.