I’m Okay With That. Gena Says.

Mar 2018



So, a situation changes because of the desire of someone else as it is their life, I am okay with that. We need to understand that not everyone looks at life the same way that we do, for we have no idea of what experience they have gained or difficulties they have suffered. A friendship ends, well I am okay with that as there is nothing worse than a relationship that is not true. Paths differ but what has to be remembered that during the time of walking the same journey much was gained in the sharing of the journey. Other passages of life end or change and people no longer walk together, work together or even love together, I am okay with that because it is the choice of the individual what they fill their own lives with. All that transpires is okay with me because that is what life is all about, changes, acceptance, newness and fresh beginnings, I’m okay with that.