Motivation. Gena Says.

Mar 2019

What is motivation, what actually does it mean? So many different meanings depending upon who is using the word. To me it brings the understanding of engaging in life, seeing a destination, not necessary a final one, but the start of the journey of being involved in life, creating a place to be. Too many young, and even old people have no sense of being, there is nothing for them, or so they feel, to look forward to. Looking forward is a tricky situation because the future is not written it is created, so what do we look for if it is not already there? To become motivated about life brings so many blessings, to enjoy the stage that you are in, young or old, to engage in life itself by becoming part of something that is taking place. To be the creative action taking part in the unfolding future. Finding for today and perhaps for many years to come, something that makes your soul sing, something that brings your strengths to the surface, something that you can look back to and recognise that, because you were motivated you achieved. Motivation is like a steam train starting up, it huffs and puffs but ultimately takes us all forward upon a journey, and the destination is unknown, how exciting!