Open To New Ideas. Gena Says.

Mar 2018



As we grow older as well as wiser we need to be open to new ideas. Life does not remain the same, things change with the progression of life and it can restrict us if we do not embrace the new as the old disappears from relevance. Obviously, we need to hold on to the older and necessary aspects of respect and tolerance, of understanding and compassion, these are necessary for any walk into to the future. Embrace the new ideas as they could be helpful, perhaps at times rather daunting, but when we were young so was the new two wheeled bicycle that we were given, yet we gave it a go. We need as we reach beyond the fear of change to have trust that sometimes change is good and for some this can make life an easier place. Old values of life still hold up when it comes to how we treat people. However, do not condemn the new as it is because of the advancement that we as a humanity move forward. Embrace the new ideas if you can because they could actually change your life for the better.