Always listening.


There is no difference in the quality of a reading whether in person by phone or Skype the same information is available for all forms of communication. For the one hour shared the client has my total concentration and the opportunity to look towards the future and see what is possibly available.

For information please contact either of these numbers below.

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Tarot and Clairvoyant readings available either in person or electronically.

It is not necessary to be with a person to see into their lives and the possibilities of what the future brings. Information comes from using the name of the individual and the intention of helping. Gena has read internationally for television personalities; Government officials and businessmen in Australia and overseas. A reading is for guidance and to show what can happen but each individual has their destiny within their own power according to their personal choices known as free will. The future is not written it is created.

Skype Name: gena.alston

Listening with intent.