To All who need guidance, support and positivity

I met Gena Alston several years ago via a referral. From the moment I walked into her room I felt I had found a genuine friend. This lady is a natural. She treats her talent as a divine gift and uses that to help as many people as possible. Her readings are profoundly accurate supported by the spiritual guidance she adds in as her special flavouring. This amazing lady has become my guide, my friend and a staunch supporter of all what I try to achieve. Thank you, thank you Sai Baba for Gena and sending her into my life to help me. I send her all my love and support and can not recommend her highly enough.


I have sought psychic/spiritual advice from Gena for over three years. Through these readings, Spirit (via Gena) has always given me clear and concise advice on a wide range of business and personal issues relevant to what was happening at that time. Guidance has always been practical, balanced and extremely accurate. This has helped me make wise and balanced decisions around many aspects of my life and career. Over time it has become very obvious to me that Gena is an important and effective channel for the Divine – she always comes from a place of kindness, humility and wisdom. She is a very special person who is in service to the light and humanity and operates at a high vibration. It is always a pleasure to talk and be guided by Gena and I am very grateful for her guidance and friendship.

As a client of Gena, I have met her twice in 12 months, and each time Gena has shown me new opportunities that are not only precise, they also help me grow and learn as an individual. I am energised, enlightened and constantly amazed at her insights, wisdom and intuition. I highly recommend Gena as clairvoyant, supporter and teacher.

Thank you Gena!

Gena has been such a wonderful blessing in my life guiding me through years of infertility. Her love and support have gotten me through some very tough times. Through it all she always had faith that

I would conceive a child and kept my spirits up as I worked toward that goal. I am now the mother to a beautiful baby girl and happier than ever. Thank you Gena for your kind spirit and all you have done for me.

Gena is someone you can turn to and ask for a light to be shone along life’s path. Ultimately the path is yours to walk and you are responsible for your own destiny however every now and then, we can all benefit from a guide to get a sense of our direction. Gena is a warm soul for you to look to for the advice and as you wander on your way.

I have seen Gena about three times over the past ten years. After every reading, I leave feeling beyond inspired, full of excitement and motivated to make the change. She has a truly unique gift that I feel blessed to have come across. She also has a wicked sense of humour, which makes the readings a lot of fun! I have sent many friends to see her and we all have a saying now, “Gena knows”. Gena is a beautiful human being who will help you to see and engage with the magic that surrounds you.

I have pretty much lost track of how many times now Gena has read something in my future which I disputed, and said it absolutely could not happen, only to then have to call her later to tell her it did actually come true! Gena is always right.

Gena’s warmth and understanding through difficult times has been invaluable. Whenever I need to make a big decision I always consult Gena! Like recently with selling my flat, Gena saw that is would happen quickly and who would buy it. And of course it has all come to pass 🙂 Gena radiates love, joy and light and you can’t help but have your spirits lifted when in her company. I don’t know where I would be without her wisdom and guidance!

Gena your talents are remarkable and to be inspired to take action with great words of wisdom is a precious gift, I thank you. Yet it means so much more; your inspiration, abundance mentality, collaboration and your unwavering pursuit of sharing your knowledge and living in the now, is one I respect, admire and value greatly.

Thank You…

Gena Alston is an Angel sent from heaven as far as I’m concerned. She has done readings for me for the last 15 years, all over the world from Uganda, Angola, Dubai, UK and Australia from the comfort of her home via Skype. Her spiritual counselling and tarot reading have helped me through the years make life changing decisions. She has guided me through career change, relationships and family matters. The predictions she has given me are always uncannily accurate. Thank you for being a part of my life Gena! I look forward to many more years ahead….

Hello Gena,

I am Donna , you did a reading for me in late June and you met Cassandra my daughter on the other side.

Your reading has been spot on down to the smallest details, I gave my girls and husband the details and the peace it bought them all was fantastic, I can not thank you enough. Cassandra even hide her fathers shoes as promised which made us all laugh. I want to thank you for the reading, which was absolutely wonderful and spot on.

Not only has Genas wisdom and learnings guided me through some dark times, her love and support have been invaluable. And her absolute honesty, which me being as stubborn as I am, I needed to hear to get myself into gear.

Gena lifts your spirit and is always there to help or dispense advice, no matter where I am in the world, mostly calls from London, but also calls from Chicago and India.

I have known Gena for about 6 years although it seems like I have never not known Gena.

To sum it up – Gena knows!!