The Art Of Smiling. Gena Says.

Apr 2019

The art of smiling is available to one and all. What a pleasant picture it makes to see a warm smile offered to us. We need to walk through each day with a gentle smile upon our faces, being grateful that we are alive and walking through the day. Smile at the silliness of life, and at those who struggle with the day, bring warmth to there day by your offered silent greeting, that of a smiley face, you have no idea how it could change the day for them considerably. Offer the warmth of your being to all those who walk into your day, known or unknown. It matters not if they return the gesture, in fact if they do not, then what a good thing you are bringing a positive energy to their day. The art of smiling paints a wonderful picture for everyone to benefit from, go out and change their day as yours will change also.