The Missing Link. Gena Says.

Apr 2018



More often than not the missing link has a lot to do with ourselves. So frequently we look at life and try to register what is missing, what is making us feel lacking in some element or other? We might feel that being without a special person leaves us with an empty space within our own lives, this can be true but also it can be incorrect. Until we find the missing link within ourselves that which we offer to others within a relationship is at fault! Oh yes, it is, for it is so very necessary to be whole before we can share our lives completely with others no matter what form of relationship. So, what is it this missing link? It is the love for ourselves, the respect for the person that we are, the sense of well-being even if we are on our own. It is understanding that we are important, even in the smallest of ways. When this is accepted and understood, then we become our greatest friend bringing to ourselves the wonders of life.