The Picture You Paint. Gena Says.

May 2018



The picture you paint is up to you for the colours of life are your choice and how you apply these colours is within your control to a certain degree. Life is full of vibrancy and can be used to create a picture, a story that is pleasing to look at. Difficulties come along for each and everyone no matter what their circumstances are but how we apply the knowledge gained through the hard events of our lives is our choice. We could just throw ourselves into life without considering the outcome but that could be a little messy. However, if we apply thought before every application, every action we can choose what we wish for as experience. Paint your own picture and make it a colourful one. Where there has been accidental spillage, wipe this off with the gaining of wisdom.  Then apply once more the colour of strength and knowledge gained and all will be beautiful to look at.