The Real Test. Gena Says.

Apr 2019

The real test in life is to test yourself, to see what you are capable of doing as much as to see if you wish to. The test in life is not an exam but all to do with experience, to gather knowledge along the way, and see what your reactions are. Life is full of amazing events, great and small, of course there are also moments of sadness and this is where the test comes in. To be sad is to not be at peace with what is happening, to understand what is happening is to not be sad but respectful of what is happening around you. Life is the precious gift of living and within that living there are different moments that take us further along the road of acceptance. The human existence is but for a short time, departure comes to us all, and that we need to acknowledge, and when we do, the test is complete. By knowing that we experience living only a short amount of time means that the test is over and we can now enjoy each day fully for we comprehend that each day is precious.