The Sun Is Shining. Gena Says.

Dec 2017



The sun is shining through the window and it looks so beautiful outside. The flowers reach up to the warm rays and they open their petals to catch the sun’s glory. The grass stands tall as the day begins reaching beyond yesterdays growth, to become strong and greater than the day before. The trees wave in the gentle breeze shaking off the dust that settles because of modern day traffic. As I look out of the window I decide that I too will shine, that I also will open up to the warmth of the sun and share this warmth with friends. I will stand tall and reach beyond yesterday stretching towards today’s growth. I will shake of the dross of the modern day rushing and crashing through life and move with the movement of the day, just as the trees do as they sway with the gentle breeze of life. The sun is shining in my mind, heart and the whole of my being, come share the day with me.