The Time Of Your Life. Gena Says.

Oct 2018

The time of your life is now, it is not yesterday or tomorrow but this very precious moment. Of course, it is wonderful to become excited about what might be, and also grateful for what has been, but neither the past nor the future exist anymore. The past is now a memory from the days or years gone by, you have changed and grown because of what has been. The future might hold ideas for you but until you reach the present day of that future you will not really know what will transpire. To live in the moment is a favourite expression, yet it is not new it comes from the past to walk into the future. All that you are is now, all that you have been has journeyed with you to the present and all that is the present will be the foundations blocks of your possible tomorrow. The time of your life is now, this moment, take care of what you do, be mindful of what you say for you do not wish to take adversity with you as you step towards the next time in your life.