Their Story. Gena Says.

Oct 2018

Their story of life is very interesting to them as it would be to those close to them. Your story is very important to you as it would be to those who walk your journey with you. However, many a time someone else’s story does not interest you when it should because you walk the same story but on a different road. Alternatively, their story does not belong to you and it is not correct for you to interfere if it is not called for, if not asked for. Too often we charge in to try and make a difference for other people, when in truth we should just step back and accept that they see life differently to us. What they should do with their story, and what we should do with ours is to live it correctly and honestly so that when ‘read’ by others it inspires and teaches those who are watching and learning. It is their story, it is our story let it blend brilliantly as we journey along the road of life.