There Comes A Time. Gena Says.

Mar 2019

There comes a time when we need to own up to all that we have done, basically not blaming others for the outcome of our mishaps. We need to register that we are part of the bigger picture and what we do, how we act and react is up to us. We can blame our parents, our partner, our friends even ‘the universe’ but in truth, it is always our responsibility. We have the right to decide what we wish to do, it is our choice to follow the advice or promptings of those around us. We cannot blame them if we choose to follow their advice, we chose to listen. There comes a time in our lives when we need to own up to our strength, our belief in ourselves and take the steps forward into the unknown future just because we can and we wish to. There comes a time to love ourselves, warts and all and that time is now.