Together We Go Forward. Gena Says.

May 2017

Together We Go Forward.

Together we go forward in life for we are never alone, we might think that we are but we share this earth with each other. We might appear to walk a solitary life within the human existence but in truth we do not for we walk the journey of humanity together. We  benefit from the same trees, we look out at the same ocean and we are blessed with the same rain that washes us clean. We share this amazing planet and we are the ones to make a difference by how we treat this earth and how we care for it. Together we can make the world a better place if we wish just by the smallest action and the kindest of words. Together we can start to heal the world by healing ourselves and learning that what we think becomes our actions. Together we can go forward if you would but look around and see the beauty of this world and the precious element of loving and caring for each other.