We Never Know. Gena Says.

Jan 2018

We Never Know.


We never truly know what the future can bring us, we might have an idea but all that can change suddenly without warning. Our lives are our own responsibility to do the best that we can with what we are given, as much as what we choose for ourselves. We never know when we might not see someone again, so make your words kind and your actions loving. Harsh words cannot be rubbed away, they linger constantly in the memory. A moment of frustration can become the downfall of many a relationship that cannot be repaired. As we walk into the New Year of 2018 think carefully of how you would like it to be created. Share your laughter with many, open your heart up to all, take time to listen and think wisely before you answer. Life comes and life goes and with that so do people, so remember, we just never know how our last words could be the final ones, make them loving and light and then what carries on into the unknown future is just LOVE.