You Are Gone. Gena Says.

Aug 2018



You are gone but, you leave behind so much of yourself that it seems that you are still here. As I look around I see you in your family and your friends. I notice you in the music that is played and the songs that are sung. I feel you in the warmth of the smiles of those who talk about you and remember the joy and laughter that you created when you shared your days and your life with many. You are gone but, does not the wind whisper your name as it ruffles my hair gently? As the sun rises everyday I am sure that it brings me that smile that shone brightly each day and that brightness lightened the load for many. Yes, you are gone, yet you remain with me as I think of the love that we shared, the thoughts that we exchanged and the wonderful joy of hugging you each time we met. You are gone but only in the physical your energy lingers on in the memories shared by so many.